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G2i is a marketplace for pre-vetted Angular & React developers. Get in-depth technical profiles and performance metrics so you can feel 100% confident in your hire.

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California, USA

Fernando has 6+ years of experience with a particular focus in React and Node in the last 4 years. His work has taken him to the Brazilian Space Agency, Medialab, and multiple startups.

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Texas, USA

Kabir has over 13 years of experience and has lead and architected solutions as a consultant for the last 7 years. He has expertise in React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Apollo.

In-depth, performance ranked developer profiles

You will receive an in-depth technical profile that features performance metrics, a copy of the completed code challenge, and a recording of the technical interview for each engineer.

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Deeply vetted technical
profiles for each engineer

Save time by getting technical insight into each candidate. Review the engineer's code challenge, interview, and technical scores, so that you can feel confident in your hire.

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Angular specific challenges & interviews

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to getting you pre-vetted engineers. Our vetting process is Angular specific, designed by developers with years of React & Angular experience.

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We’re an engineer led

G2i is run by engineers who have been working with Angular and React since the early days. We know our community well and know how to find the best Angular developers for any job.

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Arizona, USA

Salvatore (Sal) Aiello has thirteen years of development experience. He discovered React Native three years ago when he was the CTO of a start up and fell in love with it.

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Ontario, Canada

Zak spent several years leading a full-stack web development team, and now specializes in helping others build and maintain React and Node.js applications.

Freelance developers you can trust, tailored to your specific needs

Our mid-level to senior contract developers from North America, South America, and Europe can fit a variety of budgets and needs.

Stop wasting time & money on bad code
Did you know that ‘Bad code’ costs companies
$85 billion annually?

A senior engineer who understands your tech stack can produce exponentially better quality code. Hire a pre-vetted G2i developer you can trust.

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"I'm a software engineer myself, and have high standards when selecting candidates to fill out my team. Every part of my G2i experience was as good as i could imagine."


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"I used to oversee 1000s of partners for IBM and i have never seen vetting as good as G2i's when it comes to consistency. The other companies just couldn't figure it out."


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"We’ve had a fantastic experience working with G2i. Their developers are not only exceptionally talented developers, but also bring a passion for quality and our product is better as a result. We look forward to continuing our partnership with G2i."

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