Mission Driven Company

We Strive To Be Good News to the Internet

G2i stands for “Good News to the Internet,” and we are on a mission to love two vastly different but equally amazing communities of people; street kids in Kenya & developers in the open source community. That love is ultimately fueled by Jesus.

  • Street Kids

    Our founder’s journey with web development began while on a trip to Kenya and we continue to give back to the street kids that sparked G2i into existence. There are thousands of kids (ages 10 to 17) currently living on the streets of Nairobi. These homeless kids are addicted to huffing glue and either pick from the compost piles to eat or have to steal. Many of them have been burned alive for stealing food to eat. Our founder helped start an organization that provides food, shelter, education, and love for these boys and has taken 45 of these children off the streets with his own hands. G2i is committing that for every contract signed or placement made, we will sponsor a child for 1 month.

  • Open Source

    Our platform was born in the open source community and we never want to forget where we came from. So we continue to support the React and React Native open source community as well as the open source community as a whole in a few ways. First, we encourage our engineers to continue contributing and many of us are active in open source in some way shape or form. Second, we sponsor community driven conferences like Chain React & ReasonConf. Lastly, we do our best to serve the community in various capacities. Our CTO is the co-founder of React Native Radio, a popular podcast. Our founder helps organize Q&A’s and other events on Reactiflux, the largest React focused chat community.

  • G2i runs on Grace

    While not everyone on our platform nor on our team follows Jesus, a few of us do and its very important that our faith is reflected in our company. Does this mean everyone should believe the same things we do? Nope. What this does mean is that Grace is the center of everything we do. It’s the oil that runs our company. It means we should be treating people with respect, continuing to develop our empathy muscles, contributing to human flourishing, and letting kindness and helpfulness be a mark of G2i’s engineers and team members.