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Free the developers you already have

Engineering teams today are asked to do more with less. G2i helps your team do just that—less sourcing, less tech screening, more engineering.

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Freelance, contract or full-time, hiring is still the biggest bottleneck for software development.

Let's say you need a developer—just for a few weeks to build an MVP or maybe longer to tackle your backlog. You write up the requirements and post them on talent marketplaces. All promise the top 3% of talent worldwide, perfect. Until the flood of unqualified applications hit. And your calendar is blocked for technical assessments. What can Engineering afford to drop just to find the right person?

Let our Talent Experts ease your load and connect you with our community of vetted and pre-qualified software developers.

There's a reason over 180 top engineering teams hire with G2i.
HOW WE'RE DIfferent

Focused on trust, not transactions

Everyone promises high-quality talent and faster hires. We've actually cracked the code to deliver these results, on demand.

Other Marketplaces

Staffing Agencies

Dedicated Talent Expert
Handpicked Shortlist
Transparent Vetting Process
- Talent Identity Verification
- Technical Interviews
- Skill-specific Assessments
- Objective Scoring Rubrics
Client Relations Manager
$4M Errors and Omissions Insurance
Confidentiality and IP rights
No-risk Trial Period
Management Platform
Developer Health Check-ins
*Comparison is based on public information and published offerings by top competitors as of 06/23.
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Trust evidence, not assumptions

Hiring remotely is a big enough leap of faith so we try to take the guesswork out.

Access full assessment results in every developer's profile. Including recordings, write-ups and interviewer comments.

G2i Developer Vetting Process
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Developer Health first

G2i attracts top engineering talent because we're the only platform to make it our mission to improve developer health.

We're building tools to support the mental, physical, and emotional health of developers everywhere.

Too busy to even think of hiring?

It only takes one call. We'll do the hard work to pull your requirements together, match you with remote developers, and assist with onboarding.

Gaby Morua
Talent Expert
Stephen Mitchell
Sales Manager