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Linhares, Brazil

Cross-platform developer and author. Andrei brings a wealth of experience to React and React Native teams, specifically with his deep understanding of programming fundamentals.

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California, USA

Fernando has 6+ years of experience with a particular focus in React and Node in the last 4 years. His work has taken him to the Brazilian Space Agency, Medialab, and multiple startups.

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Baja California Sur, Mexico

Lautaro has over 14 years experience, 8 in React and 6 in React Native. As a full-stack developer and dev architect, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

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New York, USA

Gaston is a strong developer with ten years of experience. He has worked extensively on both mobile and web with native iOS, React Native, and React.

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Cochabamba, Bolivia

Ariel is a full stack developer with 4+ years of experience in React, DevOps, database & widget management, and comprehensive testing programs.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Reinaldo is a full stack developer since 2012, who has worked for start-ups and agencies. He has focused on the React ecosystem and built open source projects like Kerbs.

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Hawaii, USA

Austin served as both the Agile Leader and Lead Developer in a stack consisting of React Native, GraphQL, and Go. We're confident in his technical abilities.

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Goiás, Brazil

Bruno is a full-stack developer building web and mobile applications. He has freelanced for 5 years, combining high technical aptitude with excellent communication skills.

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10+ years of experience, including 4 years of focus on React & Node. He is currently a lead developer at Culineer App. He is looking for a flexible environment to work independently.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Jani is a seasoned tech lead and full-stack developer using React, TypeScript, and Node.js. Currently helps companies build their apps from the ground up.

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Delegate screening to Talent Experts

  • Talent Experts personalize the matching criteria based on your needs and real-time feedback
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  • Save time with handpicked recommendations, pre-screened and ready to interview on your schedule
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REDUCE hiring risk

Trust in an consistent vetting process

  • Avoid fraudulent freelancers with bank-level identity verification and AI-resistant skills assessments
  • Test knowledge with technical interviews and standard rubrics that maintain a high benchmark
  • Access interview recordings and notes to get confident on a developer's hard and soft skills

Manage everything in one place

  • View candidates, manage pipeline, book interviews and send SOWs from your G2i dashboard
  • Keep an audit trail of timesheets, contracts, compliance documents and invoices
  • Let us handle payments, taxes, and social contributions for your hires in the US and 150 other countries
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Your questions, answered

We tried to cover your burning questions here but if we've missed something, just drop us a note.

What happens if we hire but it doesn’t work out?
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We understand the risks, which is why we have a two-week trial period to help mitigate it. If a developer doesn't meet your standards during the trial, we won't charge you. We'll then find a replacement to ensure your project is still completed with minimal disruption.

How long does it usually take to get a developer started?
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A few factors can affect the process length, but generally it takes four to seven days to start working with your developer once you've selected the right person.

How do I manage remote developers?
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We believe the best way to communicate is openly and often. Our developers are flexible and will adopt to your team's style. Treat them like your own and have them join your stand ups. Don't forget to add them to your messaging and PM apps!

How can I protect my startup's intellectual property?
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When you work with G2i, you enter into an agreement that protects your company's confidentiality and Intellectual Property automatically. It grants you all rights to the "Work Product" produced by any G2i developer during the course of their engagement with you. On top of that, we're happy to sign additional NDAs before you share any sensitive information or project details.

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