We are a remote team of engineers, set to redesign the hiring experience and improve lives of our clients, developers and the wider community.

Our Mission

G2i seeks to be an uplifting force in the tech industry by matching healthy remote developers with healthy engineering teams.

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Grace Powers Everything
We Do

Grace means a lot to us. It’s the oil that runs our company. It means we should be treating people with respect, continuing to develop our empathy muscles, contributing to human flourishing, and letting kindness and helpfulness be a mark of G2i’s developers and team members.

We're A Fully Remote Company

If Grace is the oil, our culture is the engine that keeps our team focused on becoming an uplifting force in our industry. Fully remote for us translates into ownership, urgency, and transparency. We have thoughtfully crafted a remote-first culture that gives us the advantage of building a diverse team. G2i core team members span multiple time zones, allowing us to truly care for our developers and clients. Remote work is the future of work and the future is now!

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Core Behaviors


Treat others with grace & kindness

Grace means you get what you don't deserve. We think it's important to treat others as if it's their worst day on the planet and to treat them like that all the time. Kindness means we celebrate others successes, we speak the truth in a gentle way, and we treat ourselves with the same care & respect given to others.


Put your health first

Without health we have nothing so we encourage team members at G2i to make time for physical, spiritual, and emotional health each day. It's okay to break up your work day with things that make you healthier. Also, at G2i we encourage spiritual practices and will do whatever we can to support them during your paid work time.


Set explicit expectations

Rather than working off assumptions we create user guides and social contracts between team members and practice careful short term and long term planning with clear deliverables.


Async by default

We believe a one hour meeting with five people on a Zoom call is still a five hour meeting and we choose async methods of communication first. We turn off notifications and understand others won't get back to us right away because our heads down time is more valuable.


Make high velocity decisions

If we get stuck in the decision making process for too long, we'll never get data to learn from. Our goal is to make reversible decisions quickly.


Practice ownership & urgency

The people that stick with our team are the ones that can take initiatives and see them through to completion. Urgency doesn't mean intensity, it means the ability to prioritize what is important, focus on it, and realize that done is better than perfect.


Underschedule your time

We create margin for the unexpected, to care for others, to battle the intensity of work, and in order to work in a relaxed and productive way. If we only focus on what's on fire, we'll never be able to prioritize the truly important work.

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Interested in working at G2i?

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Want to work for our clients?

If you're good with React, React Native, or other JavaScript frameworks, and would like to work remotetly, you can always apply to work remotely for our clients.