Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about G2i and how we work. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions
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Hiring Process

What if we want to hire our contracted developer directly?
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We love when our clients hire developers outright! We generally implement a 20% hiring fee based on the first year's salary; if you've already worked with them for a couple of months, we'll work with you on that price.

What happens if we bring on a developer and they don’t work out?
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We understand this risk, which is why we have a one week trial period to help mitigate it. If the developer doesn't meet your standards past that point, we'll work with you to find a replacement to ensure the successful completion of your project.

How long does the process usually take to get a developer started?
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While a few factors can affect the process length, it generally takes four to seven days to start working with your developer once you've selected the right candidate.

Do I have to pay a deposit to talk to a developer?
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No, this would be counterintuitive to our mission of connecting developers with great companies. We want you to chat with our developers, no fees or deposits up front.

Does G2i accommodate for fixed rate projects?
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All of our developers work on a time and materials basis. However, we can limit the hours worked to try and fit within your project's budget. We also offer estimation services to provide a second opinion on the length of your project.

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Current Clients

How do I actively communicate with the developers?
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We believe the best communication is communicating openly and often. Our developers are flexible and will adopt your communication styles. Treat them like your own employees, have them join your stand ups, and invite them to your messaging and PM platforms!

Does G2i have internal resources for developers on contracts?
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One of the benefits of bringing on a G2i developer is the resource of our community. G2i developers have access to our Slack channel where they can troubleshoot and post questions to hundreds of developers to get the support they need. If your team is stuck on something we have plenty of experts that can provide support.

How does billing and time tracking work?
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G2i developers use Harvest, a time tracking platform that tracks their hours and provides invoicing data. We also ask them to keep detailed notes on what they were working on during their time with you which will be shared in the invoice. If you need a special process we are happy to oblige.

What support can I expect from G2i?
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When you reach out to G2i an Account Manager will jump on a call with you to learn about your needs. This Account Manager will be your chauffeur throughout your entire hiring experience and will be there for you during the length of the contract. They will help you with all things G2i.

How do contract extensions work?
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Extensions are simple with G2i. We will facilitate the new ''end date" with the developer you are working with. If they are pleased with the new extension date, then all parties are good to go.

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Additional Help

What makes your vetting different?
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Our vetting is done by senior engineers who take a quantitative and qualitative approach to ensure a developer's quality. This vetting includes a resume review, screening interview, a six to eight hour code challenge, and a technical interview. The best part? We share all of this information with you upfront for free before you even commit to talking to a developer.

Is there a minimum contract period?
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Nope! We welcome all opportunities for our developers.

What makes G2i different?
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While our vetting process is one of the most rigorous in the industry, what truly makes G2i different is the service we provide our clients. We strive to be malleable to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are here to be your trusted resource. Let us know what we can do for you!

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Applying to G2i

What exactly does G2i do?
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G2i matches remote React developers to the companies that want to hire them. Developers can apply to join G2i and complete our technical vetting process. Upon passing, we match you with companies and roles that are the best fit for you. We make finding a remote React role much easier.

Why should I use G2i instead of finding jobs myself?
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G2i is a competitive advantage in your job search. Here's why:

  • One application, one code challenge, one technical interview. While the upfront time of completing our technical vetting may seem like a lot, it saves you time in the long run. Your code challenge, technical interview recording and all of our notes are sent to our clients ahead of time so that you don't fill out any applications or take any other technical assessments.
  • We are better at marketing and sales than you. No offense, just facts. We know what our clients are looking for and we know how to deliver. We have a team of people constantly marketing our developers so that they're being seen by dozens of clients everyday.
  • We offer a higher quality experience. Finding remote roles is hard. Finding quality remote roles is even harder. We vet our clients upfront so that by the time they get to you, only the best options remain. Our developers have consistently praised our clients for the higher quality experience compared to finding jobs on their own.
  • You jump straight the the final step. Our developers don't have to talk to recruiters, take HR screening calls or complete any other technical assessments. All that remains is a final meeting with the client and deciding if you want the job.
  • You make more money. Most of our developers report making more working through G2i than they did on their own.
Six to eight hours for a code challenge seems like a lot. Why is it so long?
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One of our core beliefs is that most code challenges are broken. You are asked to do tasks that don't relate to the actual work that the job requires day-to-day. The complexity of tasks in code challenges is also often orders of magnitude higher than the actual work. We believe this creates artificial barriers to entry for many qualified developers who aren't great with algorithms or advanced math, but can build a website or an app just fine.

Our code challenge is different. We designed a challenge that actually reflects what you would be doing on a client project day-to-day. It's a real-world example where you're given wireframes and specs for a simple app and asked to build it in React or React Native. While this takes a lot more time upfront than traditional code challenges we believe the benefits are actually time saving overall because:

  • By completing our code challenge you won't have to complete other code challenges for our clients. We provide our clients with your code and our in depth code review so that they can be confident in your abilities from day one.
  • Our in depth code review gives us a great sense of what your strengths are. We can filter out the jobs that don't match and allow you to only focus on the ones that do.
  • Our clients are more confident in you from the start of a job so you can start making meaningful contributions right away.

The entire challenge is done async so nobody is watching you code or pressuring you to work at a certain pace. There are no timelines for completing the challenge, you get to work on your own schedule. Overall, we think this is a healthier way to evaluate someone's abilities with React and React Native.

Many developers that have completed our code challenge have actually said that they enjoyed the process and some have even spent over twenty hours on their final solution because they were having so much fun with it. If you're still skeptical we would encourage you to set a time limit upfront that you're comfortable with and work on the challenge for that amount of time. If you don't like the process, no worries, it's not for everyone and that's ok. However, we believe that more often than not people will see that this is a fairer and more enjoyable way to do code challenges.

How does G2i make money?
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We build our cost into the hourly rate charged to the customer. There is no cost to the developer at any point in the process.

What information is shared with your clients?
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We share your name, GitHub, LinkedIn and resume with our clients. We also share your code from the code challenge, the recording of your technical interview and all of our notes from both assessments.

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Working with G2i

Do you only have React jobs?
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All of our jobs use React, React Native, and Node.js. Some also include related technologies like TypeScript and GraphQL.

Do you only have remote jobs?
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Yes, all of our jobs are 100% remote. We do not take onsite requests. Our remote jobs include both contracts and direct hire roles.

What are the jobs like?
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All of our jobs are 100% remote. Most of our clients are based in the US. Most of our jobs are contracts, 40 hours/week, running two to three months in length. Many of our contracts get extended beyond that initial term and run six months to a year. We also have direct hire roles where you will obtain a salaried position at a company and work for them directly. Many developers that started as contractors have been converted to salaried employees by our clients.

What kinds of companies do you work with?
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We work with startups, Fortune 500 enterprises and everyone in between. All of our clients are using React and/or React Native in their stack. Many of our clients are building MVPs and early stage products. We vet our clients to make sure that they are healthy in terms of budgets, timelines, expectations, project management and communication.

How long will it take to find a job once I join?
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Most developers find a job within thirty days of joining. We've had many developers start a role their first week, some even their first day. There are also developers who have waited longer than that to find work or have not found work at all. The main factors that help with finding a job with us are:

  • Your hourly rate being competitive.
  • Your working hours providing enough overlap with the client for real time communication (four hours of overlap with a US time zone is a common request).
  • Being experienced in both React and React Native.
  • Being flexible with the tech stack outside of React and React Native.
  • Being available and responsive to inquiries from us and our clients.

Joining G2i does not exclude you from finding jobs elsewhere and we encourage our members to use every resource available to them to find a job while we are working to match them with clients.

Am I considered an Independent Contractor while working with G2i's clients?
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Yes, unless you are legally able to obtain employment with a US company and are offered such by the company you will be considered an Independent Contractor.

How do payments work?
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All jobs are paid on an hourly rate basis. G2i manages payments for you. You never have to send an invoice. You track your time in our system and we direct deposit payment to you. We handle invoicing clients so that you don't have to. We always ensure that our developers are paid the correct amount, on time, every time. Even if a company fails to pay us, we will always make sure that you get paid for the hours you worked.

Is there a trial period?
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Yes, all of our jobs have a paid, 40 hour, no risk trial period. If the job is not a good fit you can end it any any time in that period.

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I've heard about something called the G2i collective, what is that?
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The collective is our Slack channel where all of the developers that have joined G2i hang out. It's a great place to get help with a bug, ask questions of other React experts and keep up to date with all of the latest things happening in the React world. We also host various events that the collective is invited to like game night where we play online video games together.

Does G2i support open source?
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Yes, G2i supports various open source projects in the React, React Native and JavaScript ecosystem.

Does G2i ever do meetups?
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Yes, G2i has hosted remote developer meetups with the collective. We have also sponsored and attended conferences including Chain React, React Conf, React Native EU and Faith Leads Tech.

Does G2i support any charities?
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Yes, we give 5% of our profits to street kids in Kenya. Our founder has also spent considerable time in Kenya himself. We give another 5% of profit to open source via Open Collective and supporting various needs directly.