About Us

Our mission is to be an uplifting force in the tech industry by matching healthy remote developers with healthy development teams.
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G2i stands for Good News to the Internet and we're on a mission to be an uplifting force in the tech industry by matching healthy remote developers with healthy engineering teams. We're run by developers for developers focused on React, React Native, and Node.js and we believe that specializing in a few tech stacks allows us to go deeper into the nuanced details of each language and framework we vet for. We practice transparent vetting which means every time you want to hire a developer we'll send you a detailed technical profile of that developer which includes their score matched to the rubric they tested for, a recording and score of their tech interview.

G2i was started by accident after a failed development project in 2015. We have been very involved in the open source community from our outset and it's important to us that we continue to serve the open source community in anyway we can. We care deeply about developers because many of us are developers! While the majority of our team resides in the US we are a fully remote and have team members located in Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Nigeria, and the UK. We fully embrace remote work and hope to help advance remote work by continuing to learn how to do it better ourselves and passing along what we have learned. Above all we hope that our team members and developers are known for being extraordinarily kind and gracious.









Specialization matters

We've found that by focusing only on specific tech stacks we are able to drill down into the tiny details about what makes each developer great. This is why we only serve a few tech stacks at a time.

Remote work is the future, now

We can't imagine a world without remote work because we live it daily, working from the comfort of our homes or co-working spaces. We want to see this pushed forward so that one day soon remote work would just be referred to as work.

We operate on grace & kindness

We harp on grace because we don't think treating people well stems from someone earning it. Instead we seek to be kind to others even on their worst day. Kindness means we celebrate others successes & we speak the truth in a gentle way.

Health is the foundation of good work

Without health we have nothing so we encourage team members at G2i to make time for physical, spiritual, and emotional health each day.

For developers by developers

We never want to leave our roots of serving the open source and development community as a whole. We'll continue to hire team members that understand this vision, continue listening to what the community wants, and continue funding open source efforts.

Commitment to Developer Health

With G2i’s Developer Health Mission, we are committed to supporting and improving the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of developers. We build developer health best practices directly into our business to help create supportive work environments.

Meet Our Team

Adrian Carolli
Sr. Engineer, Core Team
Toronto, Canada
Antonio Mussi
Sr. Engineer, Core Team
Vancouver, Canada
Chris Severns
Product Manager
Middlesboro, KY
Christopher LeBrun
Director of Finance & Operations
Easton, MA
Gabe Greenberg
Founder & CEO
Delray Beach, FL
Gabriel Ferreira
Sr. Tech Recruiter
São Paulo, Brazil
Gaby Morua
Talent Expert
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Ivor Padilla
Senior Engineer
Salamanca, Spain
Lee Johnson
Brandon, MS
Leeanna Lyman
Account Executive
West Palm Beach, FL
Maebellyne Ventura
Director of Growth Marketing
San Jose, CA
Michelle Bakels
Developer Health Program Director
Jupiter, FL
Patrick Severs
Director of Sales
Spring Hill, TN
Roger Câmara
Engineer, Core Team
Brasília, Brazil
Roman Urbanovski
Talent Team Lead
Zagreb, Croatia
Sammy Saglam
Sr. Engineer, Core Team
Blonay, Switzerland
Stephen Mitchell
Sales Manager
Fort Collins, CO
Thea Silayro
Community Manager
Copenhagen, Denmark
Yousra Saleh
Sales Specialist
Miami, FL

Interested in joining us?

If our values resonate with you, and you think you'll be happy contributing to our causes - we would love to hear from you!

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