G2i Referral Program

Learn how you can earn money by helping G2i grow.

The What

We believe in our services here at G2i, and we are on a mission to continue to find phenomenal software developers and providing them with opportunities with healthy companies. A great deal of our business comes from word of mouth and we want to continue to have happy customers driving our marketplace. Therefore as a token of our gratitude for sharing the word, we have standardized a referral program.

Current Clients

If you are currently working with G2i and refer a company towards us. We will take a $1,000 off your next invoice "per developer" they sign with us for 2+ Months of work.

Friends of G2i

If you refer a company towards us, we will pay you $600 dollars "per developer" they sign with us for 2+ Months of work.

How to Refer?

Easy! We ask every company how they heard about us during our on-boarding process. If they mention your name, we will take care of you.

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Developer Stories

We’re proud to have helped these amazing developers find work they love.

'As someone who knew they wanted to work remotely and wanted to use React/React Native, G2i positioned itself as an ideal partner to work with in order to make that actually happen. G2i is all about modern JS.'

Eli Zibin


'G2i totally changed my life. My quality of life is way, way better. I get less stressed. I get less sick. I have more hours in my day to give attention to my family. I'm really thankful for working with them.'

Tiago Souto

Community Funded

'I love working with G2i because of the culture. Plus, I obtained both professional and financial growth thanks to the amazing clients they have. They really care about the entire developer experience'

Andrei Calazans

You.i TV

Frequently Asked Questions

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