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G2i is the only hiring platform that puts developer health first. We provide the developers that join our platform and our clients with tools to create healthy and ideal work experiences. 

The Developer Health Mission

Developer Health is G2i’s commitment to supporting and improving the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of developers. It means assisting the developer community with resources and guidance, and becoming an uplifting force within the tech industry.

G2i matches highly skilled developers with strong development teams, but we’re not just a recruitment platform. We provide resources that help developers elevate their capabilities and improve their work/life balance, help them avoid burnout, recover from that burnout, and more. We build those developer health best practices into our business, before sharing those guidelines with our client companies.

We help our clients create supportive and productive work environments for all their employees. Workplaces that combat — not create — burnout. Workplaces where developers do their best work. And workplaces that thrive due to support at all levels of the business.

Developer Health Best Practices

From tips on managing work/life balance, to structuring teams and measuring success, G2i designed a series of best practices that lead towards healthier work.

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Say yes to only the Hell Yes's

Our days are filled with work, but can we confidently say that work is driving forward our vision? Being judicious and intentional allows us to put more effort into fewer things meaning we get the bigger things done.

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Async Communication

How do you create more efficient work practices? Async communication is key. By reducing unnecessary meetings, allowing team members to prioritize their mental health and setting healthy boundaries from constant notifications, you're promoting individual agency and autonomy.

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Flexible Schedules

Prioritizing developer health means removing rigid work schedules and understanding that each individual operates at a unique pace and fashion. By restructuring your yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily schedules to push back against rigidity, you're helping your team members do their best work. 

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Restful Work

Restful work is a work week that you look forward to — a place where you do your best work, yet it’s just one part of your life. G2i is committed to helping developers discover their restful work week, helping them become better parents, partners, friends, and employees along the way. 

The Developer Health Fund

The Developer Health Fund is a donor-backed program providing assistance to those in need.

Developers can apply for any assistance that supports their mental, physical, or emotional health and well-being. Allocations from the fund can be used for (but not limited to) the following:

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Paid time between Freelance Projects
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Counseling / Therapy
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Loan Assistance
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Child Care Services
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Medical Visits and Expenses


Case Studies


Developer Health Resources

To kickstart your journey with developer health, G2i created a range of resources covering specific topics from how to practice self-care in the workplace, to remote work and evolved workplace practices like the 4 Day Work Week.