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Paraná, Brazil

Leandro has 11 years of experience, proficient in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, React and Node. He has managed a team of 4 people and is a great candidate to lead a team.

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Florida, USA

Guiliano is an experienced web developer, adept at leading teams and collaborating to solve problems. He is skilled in JavaScript and NodeJS.


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North Carolina, USA

20 years of experience, working with JavaScript, Node and React. His code is well organized and his code challenge showed a good understanding of state management.

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Arkansas, USA

React/React Native developer with 5 years of experience, cofounded a startup with 30,000 downloads. He has worked for Apple, Fortune 500 companies, and early stage startups.

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Baja California Sur, Mexico

Lautaro has over 14 years experience, 8 in React and 6 in React Native. As a full-stack developer and dev architect, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

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British Columbia, Canada

7 years of professional experience in the React ecosystem. He is a front-end powerhouse who strives to create meaningful digital solutions and seamless user experiences.

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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Has 9 years of experience in JavaScript development, from software dev to IT lead. He has built apps for theme parks & internal tools.

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Espírito Santo, Brazil

Diogo started on the web with PHP and jQuery and transitioned into native iOS development around 2013. He started using React and RN 6 years ago and adopted TypeScript as well.

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Parana, Brazil

10+ yrs exp. in React, Python & React Native. Expertise in shipping apps, reviewing code & leading teams. Implemented an ed-tech web app that scaled for millions of users.

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Paulo has worked on a fleet management platform, business orders system, and a financial application. He is passionate about software and creating clear code.

"G2i helped us deliver multiple exceptional apps on time and on budget.

Their extensive screening and testing process ensured that any Developers who came onboard were skilled and had the right experience to get up to speed quickly and provide quality work."

Kylie hurst

Director, Talent Strategy

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Your questions, answered

We tried to cover your burning questions but if we've missed something, drop us a note.

How can I find a good Node.js developer?
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Know what good looks like. Great Node.js developers demonstrate a deep understanding of asynchronous programming, event-driven architecture, and error handling in Node.js. At G2i, we look for familiarity with relevant frameworks like Express.js, testing libraries, and experience with database integration. Additionally, we challenge developers to show off their ability to design and optimize applications for scalability and performance. Top engineering leaders also look for strong problem-solving skills, understanding of RESTful or GraphQL APIs, documentation skills and good team collaboration

All of that is documented in a developer's G2i technical profile which includes details of past projects, coding samples and technical interview recordings. We give clients exclusive access to all that information before they meet a single developer so they can quickly find the right people and confidently invite them to the next—if not final—round.

What is the hourly rate for a Node.js developer?
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G2i is a marketplace where developers set their own rates. We add our fee on top and present clients with a single, all-inclusive hourly fee to keep things simple.

Majority of our customers pay in the range of $60-140 per hour. Rates will vary depending on your geographic requirements and desired level of experience. Developers tend to make adjustments based on project scope, contract duration and market demand for Node.js developers.

We believe that fair compensation leads to healthy and productive developers. So we will never ask developers to drop their rate unnecessarily. Instead, we share relevant marketplace data with our community so they can set rates that support their financial goals and enable their lifestyle.

Do I have to pay a deposit to talk to a G2i developer?
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No, this would be counterintuitive to our mission of connecting developers with great companies. Come meet our developers, no deposits. Just pay when you hire.

What happens if a developer we hired doesn’t work out?
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We offer a 40-hour trial period to help mitigate the risk. If a developer doesn't meet your standards during the trial period, we won't charge you. We'll also find a replacement to ensure your project is completed with minimal disruption.

How long does it usually take to get a developer started?
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A few factors can affect the process length, but generally it takes four to seven days to start working with your developer once you've selected the right person.

How do I manage remote developers?
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We believe the best way to communicate is openly and often. Our developers are flexible and will adopt to your team's style. Treat them like your own and have them join your stand ups. Don't forget to add them to your messaging and PM apps!


Resources from G2i developers

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