Unlock your network's potential and earn up to $10k

You know code, but you also know people. In our industry, who you know matters as much as what you know. The G2i referral program is your chance to shape the industry by connecting top teams with top talent — and getting rewarded for it.

Adrian introduced a new business to G2i
They hired 2 full-time software developers

We gave the team a $1,000 off their first invoice

Adrian earned $4,000 after the devs' first month
how it works

Your network has power. Use it. Let's get to work.

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Schedule a kick-off call

It's a quick call: understanding G2i, the referral rewards, and your role as matchmaker.

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Start making introductions

Look at your LinkedIn. Those contacts? Potential. We provide the templates, you make the intros. Simple as that.

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Earn as their engineering teams grow

Got a meeting? $250 in your account. When the company hires a part-timer, you get $1000. Full-timer? Make that $2,000. Keep earning up to 5 hires per business.

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They win, you win

Companies you refer get a bonus too — $1,000 off their first invoice. You're the connector; they get the head start.

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Your questions, answered

What is G2i?
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G2i matches engineering teams with remote developers they can trust. Technology leaders rely on us to hire freelance contractors, find full-time employees, and build entire teams.

Unlike other marketplaces, engineers go through bank-level identity verification and and must pass at least one technical assessment to work through G2i. This helps make sure that clients know who to expect and that anyone they hire through our platform has the technical and soft skills to do the job.

What technical roles can G2i fulfill?
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G2i developers are verified experts in one or two technologies. We assess skills from Angular to Vue, and most skills in between. That said, the typical roles we fulfill include:

  • Full-stack Developer

  • Front-end Developer

  • Back-end Developer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Mobile Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • QA Engineer

  • and many more...

What qualifies as a referral?
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A referred business must become a G2i client, i.e. they sign a Statement of Work (SOW) whenever they hire and must pay their invoices for referral bonuses to be issued.

If the referred business happens to be a prior G2i client, bonuses will only be awarded with the addition of a new SOW. Rate increases and contract extensions are not eligible for referral bonuses.

Is there a minimum contract duration?
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The client can hire contractors part-time or full-time for a minimum of one month. Referral bonuses are awarded after the client pays for the developer's first month of work.

Is there a limit to what I can earn through referrals?
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You'll earn a referral bonus for the first 5 hires within 12 months of the first meeting, capping the maximum reward at $10,000 for each business. That said, there's no limit to the number of companies you can refer. Refer, reward, repeat.

How long does it usually take to get a developer started?
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A few factors can affect the process length, but generally it takes four to seven days for clients to start working with a developer once they've selected the right person.

What happens if my referral hires but it doesn’t work out?
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We understand the risks, which is why we have a one-week trial period to help mitigate it. If a developer doesn't meet the standards during the trial, we won't charge the client. We'll then find a replacement to ensure their project is still completed with minimal disruption.

Ready to make moves?

This is about making an impact, in tech and in your career. No overblown promises, just tangible rewards for playing a pivotal role in tech hires.