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October 17, 2023

Director of Talent Operations, G2i

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Role summary

As the Director of Talent Operations, you will be responsible for the entire talent operations side of the G2i talent marketplace. This includes technical assessments, matching, support, and talent acquisition. You'll join as a member of our leadership team. This role will be 75% IC work and 25% management/strategy work.

Finding a job with G2i

The ideal candidate

The ideal person will be able to shape talent operation strategy while holding their teams accountable to high standards of performance because they have worked in the talent marketplace industry for years. They likely have a software development background allowing them to properly own our technical assessment process. They understand talent acquisition in a talent marketplace setting but do not need to be domain experts.

For more information about the role, you can watch this video from our Founder/CEO.

About G2i

G2i is a hiring platform for engineers by engineers. We believe the hiring process should be simple, trustworthy and enjoyable for both companies and engineers. We've created a vetting process where:

  • Engineers vet other engineers
  • Engineer vetting is as close to on-the-job requirements as possible
  • The vetting process is objective, repeatable and quantitatively scored
  • The process is transparent. We provide the engineer's code, our code review and technical interview notes in full to our clients.

Our vision is to be the first hiring platform that puts developer health first. We've seen burnout all too often in tech and we are on a mission to push back against it. We are building a "deep job platform" that will also offer services to support the physical/mental health of software developers in addition to matching them with jobs that are in line with our vision. We don't believe we can see our vision through unless we model it internally which is why we work 4 day work weeks, value async communication, and have flexible schedules. We meet all the criteria of the people first job movement listed here.

If you want to learn more about where we are headed, we highly recommend you view our 3 year vision, presented by our Founder & CEO, Gabe Greenberg.

Your responsibilities

  • You will be the counterpart to our sales leader and will be responsible for all of talent operations which includes technical assessments, technical interview team, matching, support, and talent acquisition.
  • You will be responsible for shaping organizational direction on the talent side of our marketplace. You'll spend 25% of your time on strategy and management. You will manage the talent acquisition team, technical interview team, and support team.
  • You will have hands on responsibility to drive matching and fulfillment of customer requests, join customer calls, and making sure our technical assessments are effective. This IC work will be 75% of your time.
  • You will join our leadership team and attend L-10 Meetings on a weekly basis. You will be one of 5 leaders in our organization and report to our Integrator (aka COO).
  • You will be responsible for keeping our talent side in balance with demand across all tech stacks.

Our requirements

  • Located in North America, Latin America, or Europe
  • You must have 5+ years of experience working in talent operations for a talent marketplace. We won't accept general staffing experience at this time.
  • You are able to adapt quickly to different market conditions of supply/demand.
  • You are in stage 4 of your career (shaping organization direction).
  • You need to be able to manage across the organization and work collaboratively with other teams.
  • You are a top performer and are able to hit the ground running from Day 1.
  • You align with our core values of: loving people well, exhibiting ownership, being data driven, putting your health first, and practicing excellence.

What makes the role a perfect fit

  • You have a technical background or software development background which allows you to oversee our technical assessments and matching process. This is not a pure talent acquisition role.
  • You are comfortable working remote — We are a 100% remote first company and have been since 2016.
  • You value work life balance — Currently we work 4 day / 32 hour work weeks. We don't work weekends. We want you to enjoy your life outside of work and be able to prioritize your physical/mental health. Our leadership models this behavior, it's not just lip service. We meet all the criteria of the people first job movement listed here.

Benefits you can count on

  • 21 Days of PTO
  • 4 day/32 hour work weeks
  • 95% of base healthcare premium covered
  • Laptop/webcam and other hardware will be provided for you if needed

Come as you are

G2i is an equal opportunity employer. We’re dedicated to building a team where diversity in both ideas and identities is not only welcomed, but encouraged. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.

If you are part of an underrepresented group in tech that is considering applying, but you have any reservations about doing so, please email Chris Lebrun ( and let us know how we can be more welcoming to you.

Finding a job with G2i

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Developers Love G2i

We’re proud to have helped these amazing developers find restful and engaging work.

"I love working with G2i because of the culture. Plus, I obtained both professional and financial growth thanks to the amazing clients they have. They really care about the entire developer experience"

Andrei Calazans
Linhares, Brazil 🇧🇷

"As someone who knew they wanted to work remotely and wanted to use react/react native, G2i positioned itself as an ideal partner to work with in order to make that actually happen. G2i is all about modern js."

Eli Zibin
Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

"G2i truly understands and cares about how engineers work, which is why they can empower us so well to get things done in lightning speed for the right product, with the right people. Their sense of community, speed of execution, and connection with clients are unparalleled in this space."

Foysal Ahamed
Turin, Italy 🇮🇹

"G2i is an amazing place to work! They helped me get on my feet and realize my dream of being a remote engineer. Not only that, they care about engineers a lot, and matching them with the right client. In fact, I highly recommend them to my engineering friends who want to work remotely and have changed their lives."

Adrian Carolli
Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

"G2i totally changed my life. My quality of life is way, way better. I get less stressed. I get less sick. I have more hours in my day to give attention to my family. I'm really thankful for working with them."

Tiago Souto
Community Funded
São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷