Left Field Labs Case Study
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Left Field Labs Case Study

How G2i developers partner with Left Field Labs to fill shifting JavaScript developer needs.

Left Field Labs Case Study

If you’re in an agency or developer shop setting, you know how difficult it can be to juggle multiple projects at once. Needs can change quickly, deadlines are ever-looming, and clients expect the best, all of which can put a strain on a team. The biggest burden is often carried by in-house developers, who may be scrambling to accomplish the work of 10 people with a 3 person team.

Why finding JavaScript developers is hard

How do I find a JavaScript developer who is reliable, highly qualified, and also available on short notice? This is a question that many find themselves asking, especially those who work on multiple projects or have developer needs that frequently shift.

Reports show that JavaScript is the most in-demand IT skill, so finding skilled JavaScript developers is not easy. Finding a skilled developer who also fits within a project timeline, budget, and timezone makes this process even more challenging.

Solving the JavaScript developer problem

Left Field Labs is a team of designers, engineers, storytellers, technologists, producers, and strategists. They solve their client’s toughest challenges through uncommon creativity by bringing unique perspectives to every angle of a project; brainstorming, experimenting, innovating — and they pride themselves on finding the best solution to every problem their clients face.

They’ve developed multiple globally recognized digital products for some of the most impactful brands in the world, including Google, Ford, and Cisco. What makes their work especially unique is that they look at every one of their projects through what they call a “greater good” lens. For Uber, they designed an American Sign Language app that makes ridesharing accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers. They also worked on a project with Google Station to help make high-speed internet accessible in developing countries. And most recently, they were busy at work creating a civil rights education platform alongside Harvard University and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The way Left Field Labs makes its incredible work possible is by providing its clients with storytelling and creativity built on technology. Their most successful projects are ones that utilize technical innovations to elicit meaningful emotion, build empathy, and encourage participants to try on new perspectives. That kind of technical innovation means relying on strong technical talent. So, what does this mean on the ground? It means that the team at Left Field Labs needs to be ready to handle anything and meet tight deadlines, without ever compromising on quality. And that’s exactly why they have partnered with G2i to support their JavaScript developer staff augmentation needs.

Q&A with Michelle Mundy from Left Field Labs

Michelle is the Executive Director of Production at Left Field Labs. She oversees day-to-day operations and management of the Production Department and has a strong passion for strategy, innovation, and creative technology. We had a chance to connect with her to talk about why G2i was the right fit for Left Field Labs.

What challenges has G2i helped you address?

We need developers fast and the G2i model has been great for that. We get projects that move quickly and our clients have very strict deadlines. With G2i, we can ramp up and ramp down depending on shifting needs, which is really helpful because we can’t always predict exactly what we will need and when.

G2i brings us developers fast and those developers are really skilled.

What benefits have you seen over time?

With G2i, we can start a project sooner and that means we can kick off the development process sooner. This allows us to get ahead of the execution and we’re able to offer support to our existing development team faster. Supporting our in-house team means taking pressure off of them, without compromising on the quality of the work. Working with G2i essentially prevents us from being overwhelmed internally.

How do you feel about the quality of G2i’s work?

The quality of developers is so strong. We rarely feel we need to administer code challenges or go through vetting ourselves. G2i takes care of the hard part, leaving us with confidence in their developers. When I talk to my tech leads, they always say that they love the developers that G2i brings us.

How has G2i impacted your goals?

With G2i, we’ve been able to have flexibility while maintaining high-quality and high output.  We’re also able to hit tight deadlines. By allowing us to start our work sooner, we end up benefiting in the long term.

What do you like most about using G2i?

What I like most is the knowledge that if I reach out today, I could get someone to start working in less than a week. With other places, it would be at least 2-3 weeks minimum.

What’s the biggest reason you would recommend G2i?

I would recommend G2i because of the quality of the G2i developers. We’ve worked with G2i developers on several engagements in the last 3 years and we have an endless need for developer talent. We love the quality of their developers. And at the end of the day, it’s the quality of their candidates that keeps us coming back. I feel confident in G2i’s vetting process and we know that we will be able to rely on them right from the start. The fact that G2i is also really flexible is a cherry on top for us. We’re big fans!

G2i pairs incredible companies with high-quality developers

G2i is the only marketplace specifically for JavaScript developers. We focus on finding and vetting developers that have deep domain knowledge and can hit the ground running on any project. With G2i, we match you with pre-vetted developers within three days of your onboarding call. Get detailed technical profiles that provide the developer's assessment scores in each category, a copy of their code challenge, and a recording of their technical interview. Get started now to find trusted, pre-vetted developers that fit your needs.

More on Left Field Labs

Left Field Labs is a company founded with the understanding that technology is pushing humanity towards a new era of art, culture, and commerce. They approach their work not only to achieve a business goal, but as a way to bring technology more into harmony with the human experience. The company’s mission is to positively influence those who interact with the projects they design and build.  Learn more at


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