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New York, United States

Engineer with an MBA in Management Information Systems and over five years of experience working in Silicon Valley. Takes great pride in seamlessly and professionally integrating with my clientele, understanding their business KPIs, and delivering timely, data-driven results.

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Ceará, Brazil

Victor possesses extensive experience in Node.js, including maintaining existing applications, developing from scratch, and implementing server-side solutions. His expertise in Node.js equips him for back-end development tasks and building efficient and scalable applications.


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Cochabamba, Bolivia

Ariel is a full stack developer with 4+ years of experience in React, DevOps, database & widget management, and comprehensive testing programs.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil

A full-stack developer with three years of experience, Vinicius designed database schemas in addition to building out Polvo's React Native application.

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Full-stack developer with 5 years of experience in the JavaScript ecosystem, specializing in React & React Native for the last 2 years. His recent projects have been React Native-based.

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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Experienced in React and React Native. He has built projects for clients and recently finished a contract with a G2i client who praised his work and communication skills.

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Indiana, USA

Senior engineer with 15 years in various tech stacks and industries. Has worked in C-level and executive roles and is now back to full time contracting.

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New York, United States

Engineer with an MBA in Management Information Systems and over five years of experience working in Silicon Valley. Takes great pride in seamlessly and professionally integrating with my clientele, understanding their business KPIs, and delivering timely, data-driven results.

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Ontario, Canada

Zak spent several years leading a full-stack web development team, and now specializes in helping others build and maintain React and Node.js applications.

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Athens, Greece

John is a full-stack developer with 6+ years of professional development experience. He started working with React Native in 2017 and has used Node.js for the last four years. Most recently, John worked with Limbic as a senior software engineer using React Native.

"G2i helped us deliver multiple exceptional apps on time and on budget.

Their extensive screening and testing process ensured that any Developers who came onboard were skilled and had the right experience to get up to speed quickly and provide quality work."

Kylie hurst

Director, Talent Strategy

3 ways to speed up software QA with G2i

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Hire freelance contractors

Get a QA engineer who thrives in short-term roles with long-term impact. Onboard in days, not weeks.

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Choose Contract-to-Hire

Secure resources despite a hiring freeze. Hire a contractor now, offer permanent employment later.


Build a team of specialists

Spin up a full team or have us fill in the gaps—from front-end to QA, and every specialist in between

why g2i

Save time, reduce your workload and mitigate risks

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We verify developer identity and assess technical skills

Avoid fraudulent freelancers with bank-level identity verification and AI-resistant technical assessments

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A Talent Expert pre-screens using your criteria

Cut through the noise and focus on the right people with a handpicked shortlist and Recommended Profiles

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Manage SOWs, payments and approvals in-platform

Expand your engineering to 150+ countries without adding complexity, compliance or paperwork

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Get work protected with a $4M Insurance

G2i ensures your IP is secure and that all Work Product is covered by our Errors and Omissions Insurance policy

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Your questions, answered

We tried to cover your burning questions but if we've missed something, drop us a note.

What exactly does a QA engineer do?
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A QA engineer is like a software detective. They test software applications to find bugs, errors, and ensure they work properly. They use different techniques, like running tests and simulating user actions, to catch issues before the software reaches users. Their goal is to make sure the software is reliable, user-friendly, and meets the expected quality standards.

When should I hire a QA engineer?
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You should hire a QA engineer when your software development efforts reach a stage where testing becomes crucial for ensuring quality. They ensure quality by identifying and fixing bugs, validating requirements, and performing thorough testing.

Employ a QA engineer when you begin software development to establish quality practices, mitigate risks, and deliver reliable and user-friendly products. Their involvement throughout the development cycle will save time and resources while enhancing customer satisfaction.

How can I hire QA engineers?
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You can certainly find candidates on sites like Upwork and Fiverr or work through staffing agencies. However you'll still need to spend significant time screening, conducting technical assessments, and interviewing candidates over a few weeks.

G2i can speed up the hiring process and make sure you only speak to vetted and pre-qualified developers. We've honed our sourcing, vetting and technical assessment process over several years with the goal of accelerating time to value for our customers. As a result, most hiring managers are empowered to hire G2i developers based on their technical profile and one round of interviews.

How much does it cost to hire a QA engineer?
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G2i is a marketplace where developers set their own rates. We add our fee on top and present clients with a single, all-inclusive hourly fee to keep things simple.

Majority of our customers pay in the range of $60-140 per hour. Rates will vary depending on your geographic requirements and desired level of experience. Developers tend to make adjustments based on project scope, contract duration and market demand for QA engineers. Project duration vary based on your app's complexity.

We believe that fair compensation leads to healthy and productive developers. So we will never ask developers to drop their rate unnecessarily. Instead, we share relevant marketplace data with our community so they can set rates that support their financial goals and enable their lifestyle.

Do I have to pay a deposit to talk to a G2i developer?
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No, this would be counterintuitive to our mission of connecting developers with great companies. Come meet our developers, no deposits. Just pay when you hire.

What happens if a developer we hired doesn’t work out?
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We offer a 40-hour trial period to help mitigate the risk. If a developer doesn't meet your standards during the trial period, we won't charge you. We'll also find a replacement to ensure your project is completed with minimal disruption.

How long does it usually take to get a developer started?
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A few factors can affect the process length, but generally it takes four to seven days to start working with your developer once you've selected the right person.

How do I manage remote developers?
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We believe the best way to communicate is openly and often. Our developers are flexible and will adopt to your team's style. Treat them like your own and have them join your stand ups. Don't forget to add them to your messaging and PM apps!


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